US Department of Energy taps HP’s ‘Machine’ to beat China to Exascale HPC

Computing Jun 24, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF If you want to create next generation anything, whether it’s AI, aircraft, drugs, energy, healthcare, or materials you need a supercomputer and today China has the advantage but the US want to get back... Read more

Lockheed confirms it’s building the unmanned hypersonic SR-72 aircraft Hot

Security and Privacy Jun 23, 2017 3

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The next generation of aircraft, and warfare, will be... Read more

Boeing will trial its first self-piloting planes in 2018

Future Transport Jun 22, 2017 2

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The future of transportation is autonomous, and giant passenger... Read more

Futurist in London: Behind the scenes at MarketForce’s OpsTechFS 2017 event

Speaking Gigs Jun 21, 2017 0

Yesterday, and much to the chagrin of the audience of financial services professionals and... Read more

Travel to Mars for $200,000 on Elon Musk’s SpaceX Express

Space Jun 21, 2017 1

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Elon Musk wants you to live on Mars but... Read more
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