Beware false dreams, Strange Beasts reveals technology’s dark side

Virtual World Apr 28, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Sometimes we can forget how powerful, and how immersive, technology can be and this short film provides a timely reminder   Strange Beasts is a dystopian British short film of Netflix’s drama Black Mirror – and... Read more

Artificial womb gives new meaning to Lamb in a Bag

Enhanced Humans Apr 27, 2017 1

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Hundreds of thousands of babies are born prematurely and,... Read more

Researchers have captured the first images of a Dark Matter web

Space Apr 26, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Dark matter makes up 25% of the known, and... Read more

Japanese scientists want to be the first to drill into the Earth’s mantle

Earth and Energy Apr 25, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Being able to drill through the the Earth’s mantle... Read more

Harvard gets ready to geoengineer the Earth’s atmosphere

Earth and Energy Apr 24, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Climate change still looks like it’s a runaway train,... Read more
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