Technology is a double edged sword, and it’s humans that give it a bias. It has the potential to set civilisations free, and to enslave and persecute them, it has the power to heal, and to harm, and it has the potential to help you reach for the stars, or put you on the street.


As the future continues to take shape, and as the world around you and your family continues to change, via this site, and through my talks, I try to encourage conversation and debate, to empower people to see their own potential and break the status quo, and shine a light on the opportunities and threats ahead that confront us all.


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The Future of Minds&Machines keynote @DQGOnline, Dubai 2017

Healing touch, Regenerative Medicine breakthrough reprograms skin cells

Enhanced Humans Aug 16, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Tissue Nanotransference technology could help us heal organs quickly, and on demand, and put an end to the need for immunosuppressant drugs and the rejection of transplants   This week scientists from Ohio State... Read more

New all seeing cameras will revolutionise computer vision as we know it

Intelligence and the Senses Aug 15, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Imagine a camera that can see and analyse every... Read more

UK passes payment milestone as cards overtake cash as king

Connected Society Aug 14, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Cash has been with us for Millenia, however, slowly... Read more

Strong winds in Europe push renewable energy prices negative Hot

Earth and Energy Aug 13, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Renewable energy is the future of energy production, and... Read more

A quarter of Dubai’s new buildings will be 3D printed by 2030 Hot

Industrial Revolution Aug 12, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Dubai is determined to take the lead and become... Read more
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