Researchers hack classified air gapped systems using drones and LED’s

Security and Privacy Feb 25, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Air gapped systems are used to hold and protect top secret data, and they’re becoming increasingly vulnerable to hacks   Air gapped computer systems have always held a special fascination for hackers – firstly... Read more

Dubai buys 200 self-driving Teslas to complete the world’s first autonomous transportation network

Future Transport Feb 25, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Dubai’s government have now got everything they need to... Read more

New solar panels generate electricity from rain

Earth and Energy Feb 24, 2017 0

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A new range of all weather solar panels could... Read more

Syria returns 50,000 seeds to the Global Seed Bank

Earth and Energy Feb 24, 2017

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The global seed bank at Svalbard in the depths... Read more

NASA just discovered seven Earth like planets

Space Feb 23, 2017 1

WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The more Earth like planets we discover the more... Read more

Humanity is entering an amazing new era, full of progress and opportunity and for those of you who feel that the change is incremental, and imperceptible, the articles on this site, and other sites should tell you otherwise.

The pace of change and disruption that businesses, civilisation and society are being subjected to is increasing exponentially and the world that you, your children, and your grand children will inherit will look very different to even the world of twenty years ago.

Generation Z may well be the world’s first immortal generation,  disease and Darwinism are a fading memory, we can communicate via telepathy and learn even the most complicated subjects instantly. We are headed to Mars and beyond and increasingly everything is connected, driven from the outside in by Artificial Intelligence that is already beginning to put human intelligence in the shade.

You live in exciting times and just how exciting these times are can become easily obscured by every day noise. During my speaking events and presentations I help companies, governments, regulators and individuals break through that noise, to see behind the veil, to see just how amazing a time we live in and to see what’s coming round the corner.

For all speaking or press enquiries, please contact:

Matthew Griffin
CEO and Editor in Chief, 311 Institute

Tel: +44 (0) 7957 456194


Behind the scenes of BBQ in the Clouds 2016, London
Firstly, a big thank you to George the event organiser for inviting me to speak and for putting on...
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