A connected heart just helped convict a man of arson
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Connecting devices to each other and to the internet can make them much smarter, and much more usable, but increasingly companies and law enforcement are using connected devices to track, log and analyse our activities, and that has some serious privacy implications   People... Read more
Blockchain and Universal Basic Income join forces to lift 22,000 children out of poverty
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Despite recent developments, if poverty was a disease governments would classify it as a pandemic, now though the unlikely union of emerging technology and the charity sector could one day drive poverty to zero   As the popularity of blockchain grows so too do... Read more
Researchers prove your smart watch can flag when you’re getting ill
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Every doctor will tell you that the earlier you can detect and diagnose disease the better your chances of recovery, and the swifter it will be, now smart devices might know you’re ill before you do   Wearables have been struggling to find a... Read more
Hiding on the Dark Web just got a whole lot easier
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A new Tor update has just created a new, even darker section of the Dark Web and it’s great news for privacy advocates – and criminals   Only ten to twenty percent of the web can be searched and indexed by search engines, and... Read more
World first as Norway turns off FM radio and goes digital only
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Old FM analogue technologies have been with us for centuries but demanding infrastructure requirements, poor signal quality and low data rates mean that a switch to DAB is long overdue   All of you reading this article will have grown up listening to FM... Read more
Goldman Sachs wants to put FX trades on the blockchain
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Using a blockchain will allow Goldman to settle FX trades in real time, without the need for expensive intermediaries and without compromising compliance, integrity or security   Trading currencies is costly and slow for traders at major financial institutions – transactions need to go... Read more
Google and Facebook are building the worlds fastest trans Pacific internet cable
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Global internet use is exploding and more of the internet giants are taking it upon themselves to fund their own trans oceanic internet cables in order to secure spectrum, decrease latency and improve security   The world of submarine internet cables is vast and... Read more
Elon Musk believes universal basic income is inevitable
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many people believe that a rising tide of automation and intelligent machines will put much of today’s workforce onto the streets leaving governments with no option but to roll out some form of universal basic income, and it appears that Elon Musk thinks the... Read more
Facebook gets an EU E-Money license, parks its bus on the banks lawns
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We live in a world full of unprecedented change and opportunity but many business leaders are guided by a historic view of business and industry evolution not a millennial view, the rules of business have changed, this is the time for re-invention not “just”... Read more
Walmart improves public safety by putting pork on the blockchain
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Global supply chains are complex and can be easy for criminals to exploit by putting pork onto the blockchain Walmart are able to ensure and query the integrity of their supply chains, identify problems and pull tainted batches off of the shelves faster  ... Read more
Canadian province votes to trial Universal Basic Income
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As technology automates more jobs governments around the world are trialling UBI as a means to potentially mitigate social unrest and increasingly inequality   In the face of growing automation which many governments and analysts believe will lead to a rapid rise in global... Read more
Walk in. Shop. Walk out. Amazon unveils its new cashless cashierless store
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most companies understand the concept of the “Frictionless customer experience” but very few of them are any good at it, Amazons latest store demonstrates what you can achieve if you have vision and a willingness to experiment   No cash? No time to wait?... Read more
China rolls out its Social Credit Score complete with Orwellian overtones
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The technologies to create an Orwellian state surveillance and ratings system already exists, but without the will and resources to pull one together they remained relegated to the pages of fiction, until now   Swiping her son’s half fare student card through the turnstile... Read more
Sweden wants to become the worlds first cashless society
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With the use of cash diminishing around the world Governments are beginning to prepare themselves for a cashless future   The use of cash in Sweden has dived by 40% since 2009 when the central bank decided to rescind the country’s highest denomination banknote and now,... Read more
Scottish council to vote on implementing a Universal Basic Income scheme
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As the threat to jobs from AI, automation, drones and robotics increase governments are experimenting with new welfare schemes aimed at helping stave off future hardship, poverty and social unrest   Scotland could become one of the first places in the world to try... Read more
SpaceX will launch 4,425 satellites to bring superfast broadband to the entire world
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Over 65% of the Earths population still don’t have internet, Musks ambitious project will bring them the same internet benefits that the rest of the world have… and fund his city on Mars   SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, is planning to put more than... Read more
SpaceX, Facebook and others compete to connect the next 3.5 billion people
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Over half the worlds population has no access to the internet, or the services, or benefits it offers. These audacious global internet programs want to resolve that   Internet access is cheap, fast and available everywhere. Mobile phone and communications companies throw unlimited data... Read more
The internet pioneer behind Apache pushes blockchain to fuel the next big internet revolution
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Everyone agrees that blockchain is a disruptive technology, and a technology that could help revolutionise not just one industry but all of them but in order for it to really change the world it first needs to be embedded into the “plumbing” of the... Read more
Report finds that global internet freedom declines for sixth straight year in a row
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Internet freedom is on the decline with over two thirds of the worlds population now subject to government and institutional censorship   Independent watchdog Freedom House has issued its 2016 report along with a chilling warning that internet privacy is becoming something of an oxymoron.... Read more
UN backs ID2020 blockchain consortium to give 2 billion people an identity
The UN is backing a blockchain consortium to help them give a voice, and recognition, to over 2 billion people According to the United Nations there are over 2 billion people who have no way of proving who they are. And while at first glance this might not seem like... Read more
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