Meat without the animals, Memphis Meats shows off new lab produced beef, chicken and duck dishes
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Setting side huge areas of the earth to raise animals is wasteful and environmentally costly, but all of that might soon move into a lab   If you thought that your children will enjoy the same family roast that you’ve always enjoyed then it... Read more
Housing company Apis Cor is 3D printing new houses in a day
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In the past building a house could take weeks, sometimes months, but new 3D printing technology is changing the paradigm   If you’re looking to move but can’t find the house of your dreams, you may be able to just print one out for... Read more
The US Army just 3D printed a grenade launcher and grenades
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF 3D printing will let armies print bespoke weapons and equipment out in the field on demand and change military supply chains, and warfare forever   3D printing has come a long way, companies are using it to print new buildings and sneakers, doctors are... Read more
Scientists 3D print an Eagle eye camera that’s smaller than a human hair
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF There are plenty of devices today that are too small, or lack the computing power to accommodate a traditional camera, new micro-cameras overcome all those issues   It seems that you can’t go anywhere nowadays without a camera tracking you but as ubiquitous as... Read more
These new Adidas trainers are made entirely from up-cycled ocean plastic
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Soon there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans, but hopefully up-cycling ocean plastic can reverse that trend and that’ll be good news for everyone   By 2050 it’s estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea, and... Read more
Oracle’s America’s Cup yacht will never sail, because it flies
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Today’s ultra expensive racing yachts don’t float, they fly, and this years America’s cup could see the first time a boats’ hull never hits the water   As far as sporting trophies go, it’s hard to find any older than the America’s Cup. Sailing teams... Read more
New nano material gives buildings, energy and stealth a big boost
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF A new nano material that can selectively tune out specific parts of the electromagnetic spectrum paves the way for cheaper solar power, stealthier fighter aircraft and more energy efficient buildings   A new flexible nano super material that’s been developed by a team at the... Read more
New Chinese camera can see round corners
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Being able to photograph and “see” objects that are out of sight have both military and civilian applications   In an age dominated by megapixel counts, a research group from Xi’an Jiaotong University in China led by Bin Bai have designed a one megapixel... Read more
World’s tightest atomic knot will help scientists create new super materials
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Knots haved helped society advance, whether it’s helping us make clothes or kevlar, now the world’s tightest atomic knot might help create a new generation of super materials   In a feat that breaks one of the most obscure world records in science, a... Read more
New battery breakthrough could charge devices in seconds
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As gadgets demand for power increases charging times will increase, this new thin film battery will charge your gadgets faster than you can make your toast   A new type of battery that lasts for days with only a few seconds’ charge has been created... Read more
New breakthrough polymer could charge electric cars in seconds
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Electric vehicles have been held back by battery and charging technologies, now a single supercapacitor technology might be able to solve both in one hit   UK technology firm Augmented Optics and its partners, the University of Surrey and the University of Bristol have revealed... Read more
New 3D graphene is as light as air and ten times stronger than steel
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Five percent the density of steel and ten times stronger, 3D graphene is the world’s strongest lightweight material   It’s incredibly strong and has unique electrical, thermal, optical, and chemical properties, and naturally it only exists in 2D but now a team at MIT  have... Read more
Under Armour’s new trainers are inspired by nature, designed by an AI and 3D printed
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The rise of a new breed of creative machines is helping companies design and iterate new products at an accelerating rate, couple these together with new manufacturing techniques and we’ll soon be on the cusp of another manufacturing revolution   The next pair of... Read more
New H2 smartphone puts a lab grade molecular sensor in your hands
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Being able to analyse the chemical composition of products, particularly counterfeit ones, has long been something you could only do in a lab, now the lab’s in the palm of your hand   Smartphones already do a lot of things, in fact, it’s likely... Read more
1.2 million jobs to vanish as Foxconn unveils plans for fully autonomous factories
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Foxconn is one of the world’s largest employers, and its pursuit of 100% automation at all of its factories will put millions out of work and give China a headache   We’re hearing a lot recently about how most of our jobs are going... Read more
QuirkLogic’s new E-Ink whiteboard is a giant kindle for your office
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF E-Ink is one of those technologies that won’t set the world alight, but it’s going through a renaissance and it still has a place in the market   Backlit touch screens have, arguably, helped propel smart phone and tablet sales into the stratosphere ever since... Read more
Harder than diamond, the meteorite diamond that’s made in a lab
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Scientists have managed to manufacture Lonsdaleite, an ultra-hard diamond found in meteorites, which could have implications for the mining and construction industries   Ever since Lonsdaleite was discovered inside fragments of the Canyon Diablo meteorite in 1967, the mysterious hexagonal diamond has divided the... Read more
Antivenom made from nanoparticles could treat bites from any snake
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Over 100,000 people die and another 4.5 million people are seriously affected by poisonous animal bites each year, now a broad base nanoparticle anti-venom could help save countless lives   Not all anti-venom is created equal. Different types of snakes produce different types of... Read more
New heat resistant material shatters records
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As we push the boundaries and create new, more powerful nuclear reactors, and faster vehicles, protecting them from thermal harm becomes increasingly important, this breakthrough could mean more powerful reactors and faster hypersonic vehicles   A team of researchers in the UK have discovered... Read more
This scuba mask concept lets divers swim without tanks
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF New nanomaterials that can filter and separate out a wide variety of chemicals, organic materials and particulates have many uses, from filtering pollutants from seawater to filtering bacteria from blood   South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon has unveiled his new concept of a scuba... Read more
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