New all seeing cameras will revolutionise computer vision as we know it
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Imagine a camera that can see and analyse every part of the visible and non-visible spectrum at the same time, now imagine it’s in a search and rescue drone, or a hunter killer robot…   Hey, I know you like hearing about the grand... Read more
Experts: AI ‘will beat humans in all tasks by 2060, and take all jobs by 2140’
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The debates about the impact of AI on humanity and civilisation will rage on for decades to come, if not centuries, but there is a broad consensus that our world will change significantly as a result of it in the next fifty years  ... Read more
New shark spotter algorithm saves lives, and sharks
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Sharks get a bad rap and it’s in part because they eat people, not many and it’s statistically insignificant, but nevertheless people don’t like being eaten, now though an AI might finally put a stop to them snacking between meals   Artificial Intelligence (AI)... Read more
This new test will tell us if AI has become self-aware and gained consciousness
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The proof that we are turning science fiction into science fact every day is all around us, so we should conclude that one day AI will become conscious and self-aware, and now we can test for it   A few weeks ago Facebook unveiled... Read more
Google DeepMind has given its AI the ability to imagine and ultimately innovate
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Imagination is thought to be a uniquely human trait, but now that AI’s are being taught how to imagine not only will it make them better at understanding the consequences of their actions but it could make them better innovators too   Researchers at... Read more
Nvidia’s latest autonomous drone flies off grid
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Increasingly more devices and products are able to navigate their surroundings without having to rely on external systems or platforms, and as AI moves into the devices themselves it’s all just one more step on the path to fully autonomous behaviours   GPS can... Read more
Automated trading algorithms accidentally wiped $22Bn off Facebooks share price
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Algorithmic traders use automation to their advantage to try to beat the market, but when data goes bad the shockwaves can reverberate across Wall Street and the global markets   Facebook’s stock suffered a dramatic flash crash yesterday seconds after it released its second... Read more
Facebook creates a new intelligence test to test how smart AI’s really are
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Today we only have one yard stick to measure how intelligent an AI really is, and it’s out dated, so Facebook has created a new one fit for the modern age   One of the greatest common misconceptions about many of today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)... Read more
Microsoft’s AI just got a perfect score on Mrs. Pacman
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Games and play help humans learn new skills, especially when we’re young, but it increasingly looks like AI’s are the superior game players   Video games are one of the best ways to train Artificial Intelligence (AI) – they offer risk free digital environments... Read more
Facebook’s bots unexpectedly created their own language
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF AI agents are learning how to bluff, negotiate, create and hide their own languages and as the technology increasingly becomes part of our world’s digital fabric that should raise some eyebrows   As Mark Zuckerberg plays around with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create his... Read more
Andrew Ng has started a new AI company:
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Andrew Ng is one of the world’s leading Deep Learning experts and now he’s resurfaced it’s likely that the boundaries of AI are going to get pushed faster and harder than ever before   Former Baidu chief scientist Andrew Ng, who used to head up... Read more
Microsoft’s pig wrangling competition is teaching AI’s to cooperate
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Today’s AI’s operate independently of each other, but in the future they’ll need to cooperate and Microsoft wants to teach them how   I live in the countryside in the UK, and I also visited France a lot when I was a child, so... Read more
Skype can now translate ten languages in real time
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Over the past five decades the world has got immeasurably smaller but language is still a barrier, but that’s all beginning to change   Yes, it’s a small world. Or so we’re told. The advent of the telephone and the internet made distance irrelevant... Read more
An Australian AI can predict when you’ll die with 70 percent accuracy
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF How long you have left to live is determined by a whole range of factors and scientists in Australia are trying to work backwards from death to use AI to predict when you’ll die, and so far the results are impressive   Scientists, data... Read more
Some of the biggest names in A&R are using AI to pick future stars
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF AI’s list of tricks and new skills know no bounds and now it’s increasingly being used by the A&R industry to filter out the winners from the losers   $100 million. That’s the value, that Music XRay, a 21st century A&R company that uses Artificial... Read more
Terrorists are using ‘Photo morph’ fraud to circumvent border security
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As companies race to create new biometric security systems, criminals are busy finding new ways to beat them and the Photo Morph is the latest example   Biometric systems, like the ones being rolled out in the airports in Australia,  were supposed to be... Read more
Google’s new AI can build AI’s that eclipse those created by human experts
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It is inevitable that one day the majority, if not all, new AI’s will be created by AI’s and not humans, and that day might come sooner than we think   Machine learning experts and data scientists are in increasingly short supply as organisations... Read more
Inside the Sony lab making the world’s first AI music album
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Artificial intelligence is getting creative and later this year Sony plan on releasing the first AI produced album. Will you buy it? and more importantly will you know the difference?   Some 70 years ago, computer scientist Alan Turing famously set the bar for... Read more
Experts are starting to agree that AI will replace CEO’s
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF If you can break a job into roles and tasks you can automate it, and now CEO’s are coming into the firing line…   There’s a saying – if you can describe your job in one sentence then get prepared for it to be... Read more
By 2021 this AI could help us talk to dolphins
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Artificial intelligence can already translate hundreds of languages but now we might be seeing the first signs of the creation of the world’s first Universal Translator   We’ve been using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help us develop facial recognition systems that we can use... Read more
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