Dubai will start replacing real police officers with robo-cops in May
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As robots, and robo systems, become more capable countries are finding new uses for them, this will be the first time robo-cops are used en masse to assist the public   Dubai is a country, or more specifically an Emirate, that’s not just looking... Read more
DARPA’s TERN drone gives US Marines a new wingman
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most of today’s drones are limited by the distances they can fly and the payloads they can carry, now the US wants an eye in the sky that can help protect, and resupply troops wherever they are   Terns are a family of shorebirds... Read more
F-35 pilots will team with AI to control swarms of drones in mid flight
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Teams of humans, AI’s and drones take center stage in the future of warfare, until that is AI’s replace humans   In the wake of a recent announcement that the US will stand up it’s first fully autonomous drone squadron later this year earlier... Read more
Researchers unveil the first telepathic link between a robot and a human
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF One of the biggest problems in manufacturing is having to re-train robots to complete new tasks, but now Robot-Human telepathy could make that problem disappear   Those of you who wish others could read your mind must think it’s Christmas – whether it’s because Zuckerberg... Read more
So long Asimov’s Laws, say hello to the 23 Laws of Robotics
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Whether they’re hardware based, or software based, machines are getting increasingly capable, creative, intelligent and resilient – and that has experts worried, so now they’ve created a new set of laws to try to guide the technology’s development and trajectory   Ever since people... Read more
Robo-lawyers want to automate the entire legal world
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Most lawyers and legal professionals agree that their profession hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years, but now artificial intelligence, and the rise of “robo-lawyers” is beginning to change all that   To many people, lawyers, like doctors, optimise the pinnacle of what it... Read more
Accenture automates 17,000 jobs without making anyone redundant
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In the age of automation humans are all too often the collateral damage but with vision and careful management that doesn’t always have to be the case   In the past eighteen months one of the world’s largest professional services and technology companies, Accenture,... Read more
Robot sales in 2016 were the best ever
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Sales of robots, particularly in China, are booming and analysts expect more of the same in 2017   The rise of automation and its impact on jobs has dominated headlines for a while now, whether it’s because Foxconn are cutting 1.2 million jobs, or... Read more
Norwegian robot learns to self-evolve and 3D print itself in the lab
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF For the first time we are seeing how it’s possible for robots in the future to design and evolve, manufacture and assemble themselves without human input   Experts at the University of Oslo, Norway have discovered a new way for robots to design, evolve and... Read more
Europe will debate robot rights, ethics and AI kill switches in February
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Machines are increasingly becoming autonomous and intelligent and it’s one of the greatest dangers humanity has ever faced, later this year law makers in Europe will finally determine how we govern, monitor, manage and tax them in order to minimise the damage to society... Read more
New EU report recommends Universal Basic Income for all 27 member states
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The rise of robotics and new, intelligent AI automation systems that threaten Blue and White collar jobs is spurring governments around the world into action, so far a Universal Basic Income is the only idea they seem to have to dampen societal unrest and... Read more
Robots to get legal recognition as Europe votes to classify them as ‘Electronic persons’
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The move by the EU to classify robots as “Electronic persons” is a watershed moment. It signifies a significant attitude shift in policy and the way that new robo-systems are viewed, and paves the way for new laws and new regulations   With robots... Read more
Finland rolls out its universal basic income scheme to 2,000 citizens
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As technology replaces and automates more jobs governments are experimenting with universal basic incomes as a means to keep people out of poverty, now Finland has taken the plunge   It’s January 2017, and as promised, Finlands government is now rolling out it’s ambitious Universal... Read more
As machines replace jobs new White House report prioritises education
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As analysts predict that more jobs will be replaced by automation and machines a new White House report plays down Universal Basic Incomes and prioritises investment and education   A new 55 page White House report that investigates the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and... Read more
Huge Pacific Rim robot to help clean up Fukushima nuclear disaster site
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Robots have a multitude of applications but up until now most of them have been quite small, a new mech from a Korean company just broke the mould   This week a team in Seoul demonstrated a 13 ft (4m) tall robot, or “mech,” that, unlike it’s... Read more
New breakthrough will give prosthetic limbs a human sense of touch
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many people take the sense of touch for granted but for those people with neurodegenerative disorders, or who have prosthetic limbs, it’s the sense they miss the most, now a new breakthrough could give them, as well as future robots, that sense of touch... Read more
Nimble Atlas robot ups its game again to conquer tricky terrain
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We take many of the things we do as humans for granted, such as balancing, but our bodies make thousands of adjustments every second just standing still and getting a robot to mimic what comes naturally to us isn’t as easy as you think... Read more
Drones get new eyes in the sky with Echodynes miniature radar
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As more and more drones clutter the skies systems that can detect, and avoid other airborne obstacles become more crucial   Echodyne, a US based materials Radar company, want to see a day when radar equipped drones fill the skies and deliver your packages... Read more
The US Marines want to build a fully autonomous F-35
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As weapons systems, and war, become more autonomous it is inevitable that the US, Chinese, Indian and Russian military will continue to push the boundaries of unmanned combat   The US Marine Corps is in the looking to obtaining what it calls a “mega-drone”... Read more
Urban Aero shows off its first fully autonomous flying taxi
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Companies are increasingly scaling up drone technology and their associated energy and control systems in the new race to take passengers to the skies and back, but the Cormorant is the first to demonstrate full autonomy   Nine years ago the AirMule was simply... Read more
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