ARM unveils DynamicIQ, its chip to conquer artificial intelligence
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Artificial intelligence workloads and learning need huge amounts of computing power, and chip manufacturers are waring to lead the new revolution   There’s an artificial intelligence (AI) arms race going on. But I’m not talking about a software arms race – although that’s in... Read more
Researchers have created the highest quality hologram yet
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Holograms are a sci-fi staple but manipulating light to create 3D effects is one of the most complicated challenges scientists face, now a breakthrough might take us one step closer   As we move from the era of silicon based computing to photonics Holograms, which... Read more
Quantum computers with DNA and atom scale storage systems will rule the future
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Quantum computers look set to become the dominant computing platform of the future but today’s storage technology will need a major update too to keep up   We’ve all heard the hype around quantum computing, and we can all feel revolution in the wind, with... Read more
IBM sets a small record as researchers store one bit of data on one atom
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The amount of information society is creating every day is leaving today’s storage technologies creaking at the seams, and our only option is to go smaller   The building blocks of today’s modern computers have been getting progressively smaller ever since they were first... Read more
New storage breakthrough stores 215 petabytes on one gram of DNA
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With so much new information being generated every day we’re already pushing the limits of today’s technologies, but now ultra-dense, ultra-efficient new forms of storage are appearing on the horizon   It’s long been known that today we’re generating more information, faster, than ever... Read more
New breakthrough gives AI a human memory
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Unknown to many AI’s are amnesiacs, they forget almost everything they’re taught, but now a new human like memory system could be about to take AI to the next level and make them much, much smarter   When researchers decide to train their latest... Read more
Researchers want to revolutionise artificial intelligence by teaching it common sense
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The world’s leading AI researcher believes that teaching AI’s common sense will lead to a revolution in how they learn and take them to the next level   Around five years ago artificial intelligence (AI) made a giant leap forward and suddenly, almost overnight,... Read more
Google Project Sunroof shows off solars huge potential in the US
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Over eighty percent of homes in the US could run solar panels and if you want to wean yourself off of fossil fuels then that could be great news   It sounds like an obvious thing, but if you’re a company who’s selling solar... Read more
Google DeepMind publishes breakthrough Artificial General Intelligence architecture
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF DeepMind is trying to create a new Artificial General Intelligence architecture by creating an adaptable, massive neural network that draws on thousands of other “sub” neural networks   On January 20th Google’s DeepMind division, the division behind a myriad of artificial intelligence (AI) firsts,... Read more
Descartes Labs new AI visual search tool lets you find everything on Earth
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF People have been using satellites to take photos of the Earth for decades but until now you’ve never been able to search it to find things of interest, or combine it with other data to identify patterns   Recently a company called Planet increased... Read more
IBM announces plans to sell a commercial ‘universal’ quantum computer by 2020
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Quantum computers are hailed as the next evolution of computing that promise immense performance increases over today’s systems and by 2020 they may be ready for prime time   Having laid the groundwork for offerings in other emerging technology categories such as artificial intelligence... Read more
New brain research discovers people are great at predicting what’ll go viral
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Why does anything go viral? Ask a million people and a million people will have a million different answers, but according to new research the real answer’s inside your head   I have to admit that as I read through the science behind this... Read more
Humans come up trumps as Facebook rolls out its solution for fake news
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Fake news is now regarded as one of the most politically destabilising developments in recent years, Facebook’s new solution hopes to turn the tide on the fakers   Ironically, for all the amazing things that artificial intelligence (AI) can do, from running Wall Street... Read more
Google and HTC are developing invisible VR headsets
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The best technology is invisible, and Google and HTC hope that this counts   Google used to, I don’t know if they still do, have a saying that the best technology was the technology that was invisible to the consumer. In other words, if... Read more
Researchers design a DNA computer that outperforms future Quantum computers
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF DNA computers, up until now, have been theoretical but now they’re feasible, and that’s a huge step towards the next step – building one   A team of researchers from the University of Manchester, the same university that’s recently been making breakthroughs in quantum computing, led... Read more
The Terminator bought to life, researchers want to put artificial human skin onto robots
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Robots with human skin are nothing new, at least in sci-fi terms, but we now have the technology and a reason to make it happen…   This week researchers Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy and Andrew Carr from the University of Oxford announced that they believe robots... Read more
New brain reading computer lets paralysed patients communicate by thought
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Many people take the ability to communicate for granted, but millions of people aren’t as fortunate, but new computing systems are breaking down the walls   Those crazy researchers at Stanford University have done it again – not content building virtual reality avatars with three... Read more
Scientists 3D print an Eagle eye camera that’s smaller than a human hair
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF There are plenty of devices today that are too small, or lack the computing power to accommodate a traditional camera, new micro-cameras overcome all those issues   It seems that you can’t go anywhere nowadays without a camera tracking you but as ubiquitous as... Read more
Researchers hack classified air gapped systems using drones and LED’s
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Air gapped systems are used to hold and protect top secret data, and they’re becoming increasingly vulnerable to hacks   Air gapped computer systems have always held a special fascination for hackers – firstly because of the challenge that surrounds being able to hack... Read more
Researchers use artificial intelligence to synthetically age faces
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The ability to age people accurately is one of the cornerstone abilities that can help people find missing persons   People have been fascinated with age ever since, well, perhaps forever, and for many people being able to get a glimpse of how they’ll... Read more
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