South China Airlines swaps boarding cards for facial recognition
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Biometrics is quickly becoming the security tool of choice for a vast number of governments and organisations, and increasingly I’m seeing them being used to create new “contactless” borders and “frictionless” customer experiences   Earlier this year I reported that Australia had decided to... Read more
UK to start self-driving semi-truck trials on public roads in 2018
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Technologies that were thought to be decades away from maturity are arriving faster than most people anticipate, and as the UK starts autonomous vehicle tests it won’t be soon before we see the first driverless trucks ploughing our highways   Hot on the heels... Read more
The death of the combustion engine, China prepares to announce ban
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It now looks inevitable that the world will make the switch to electric vehicles, but there is still a lot to be done to build out the infrastructure and capacity needed to support these governments aspirations   Sell your oil and gas stocks, and... Read more
China announces plans to build a 2,500mph train to rival the Hyperloop
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF When people looked into the future they saw faster more efficient planes that made trains obsolete, but the tables look like they’re starting to turn   As the race to be the first company to build the world’s first commercial Hyperloop network, a network... Read more
US legislators new SELF DRIVE Act lays the foundation for a country full of driverless vehicles
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As automakers continue their pursuit of the perfect self-driving car US lawmakers are uncharacteristically leading the charge and laying the groundwork to facilitate a nation full of autonomous vehicles   Last year Michigan became the first city in the US to sign into law a... Read more
Tesla enters the Hyperloop race, instantly breaks speed record
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The race to dominate the future of high speed travel is on, and Elon Musk just showed his hand   In 2013 billionaire polymath Elon Musk “gave” the world his Hyperloop idea, a concept of a train in a vacuum tube that could travel... Read more
3 Ways the 5G Revolution Will Transform the Internet of Things
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The arrival of 5G networks will revolutionise existing industries and help create new ones and its impact should not be under estimated   The 5G revolution is around the corner, and one of its biggest impacts will be the transformation of the Internet of... Read more
Hyperloop One’s pod hits 192mph in first real world test
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In 2013 the Hyperloop was just a concept, and now it’s being tested in Nevada, and it won’t be long before we can travel in one   The Hyperloop, a futuristic Mach 1.0 “train in a tube” concept, that was first touted by Elon... Read more
Britain bans sale of combustion engines from 2040
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As electric vehicles become more reliable and affordable countries around the world are sounding the death knell for the combustion engine and banning them from their roads   Everything seems to be going electric these days, from aircraft and ships to cars, and last week... Read more
Revolutionary seawater powered battery gives underwater drones a big boost
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF When you’re on land you can just pop to a charging station and re-charge your vehicle, but underwater it’s not so easy – until now   Underwater drones are becoming an increasingly popular – whether it’s to private industry who are increasingly using them... Read more
France’s railways to run semi-autonomous from 2023
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Every mode of transportation is going autonomous, and the railways will be no different   The French national railway company, SNCF, has announced that it has begun working on semi-autonomous high speed trains that will top out at 300km/h, and it hopes to have... Read more
Dubai considers delaying the roll out of its flying taxi service
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Flying taxi’s are great, but like any other responsible country Dubai wants to make sure they meet all the safety standards before they’re rolled out   Dubai is rapidly transforming itself into an Emirate that is embracing the future at full tilt, and early... Read more
Hyperloop One completes the first successful test of its Hyperloop system
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In 2013 the Hyperloop, a Mach 1.0 train in a tube, was nothing more than a drawing on a napkin, now Hyperloop One have completed the first full system test of one   While you might never have naturally thought as a child that... Read more
France bans sales of combustion engines from 2040
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The days of the century old combustion engine are numbered as some of the world’s largest car markets turn to electric vehicles instead   France will follow in the footsteps of Germany and India, who both recently announced plans to end the sales of combustion... Read more
HTT’s first Hyperloop will use passive levitation
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The Hyperloop is a futuristic Mach 1 “Train in a pod” that companies are racing to turn into a reality, and if HTT have their way their ride will be as smooth as silk   Earlier this week Southern California based start up Hyperloop... Read more
GM announces it’s ready to mass produce self-driving cars
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Building a few prototype self-driving cars is one thing, but mass producing them is another ball game entirely, and now GM say they’ve cracked it   As the race to create the world’s first viable self-driving car fleets hots up with companies like Ford... Read more
Companies are racing to fill the seas with autonomous drone ships
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It seems like every mode of transport is going autonomous these days, and that’s because it is, and cargo ships of every kind are no exception   Forget Uber’s itsy bitsy diddy self-driving cars, and Otto’s self-driving semi-trucks, if you want a robot to haul... Read more
Tesla’s self-driving cars will drive coast to coast in 2018
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Auto manufacturers are relentlessly pursuing a future without drivers and Elon Musk and Tesla want to be at the forefront of the revolution   Elon Musk has let of another Twitter storm, this time concerning the future of Tesla’s autonomous cars and software updates,... Read more
Toyota ties up with blockchain startups to connect its world
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Blockchain is one of the world’s most promising emerging technologies and it’s now finding its way into the automotive and transportation sectors   Just a few weeks after Ford officially ousted its CEO in order to make way for a new, more future focused... Read more
Switzerland might build a $3.4Bn autonomous underground transport system
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Roads around the world are filling up with cars and lorries and now Switzerland is thinking about moving lorries, vans and delivery carts underground   Everyone wants to get away from rush hour traffic, especially if you’re stuck behind a truck, even if it’s... Read more
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