Brace yourselves AI is about to make the “Fake News!” problem a whole lot worse
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We are approaching a dangerous threshold where one day, in the next few years, you won’t be able to trust what you see, or easily distinguish fake news from real news, and it could have big consequences on democracy and society   Over the... Read more
Machine gun equipped drones get ready for battle, autonomy next?
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The race to automate war, and arm drone platforms, is accelerating almost unchecked and whether or not it’s a good thing depends on your point of view   America has some 300 million guns in circulation, and, we all know how much some most... Read more
Euclideon unveils the world’s first multi-user hologram table
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Holograms are a science fiction staple, and using a trick of the light, Euclideon and their new holographic table have gotten closer to bringing them to reality than anyone else   This week Australian company Euclideon announced they’ve managed to build what is being... Read more
Researchers unveil the world’s first battery free phone
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF As companies are better able to tap into new energy sources it’s increasingly looking like low power devices, such as basic phones and Internet of Things sensors could ditch batteries   Ealier this week Vamsi Talla, a computer science and electrical engineering research associate... Read more
Skynet booted as Pentagon straps “Mayhem” autonomous AI into critical systems
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It is inevitable that the AI will play an increasingly important, automatic and autonomous, role in defending a country’s critical infrastructure and systems and this is the Pentagon’s first step, but as some will say, “First step to what…?”   After seeing the raw... Read more
Healing touch, Regenerative Medicine breakthrough reprograms skin cells
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Tissue Nanotransference technology could help us heal organs quickly, and on demand, and put an end to the need for immunosuppressant drugs and the rejection of transplants   This week scientists from Ohio State University announced a “breakthrough” in Regenerative medicine, the field of... Read more
New all seeing cameras will revolutionise computer vision as we know it
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Imagine a camera that can see and analyse every part of the visible and non-visible spectrum at the same time, now imagine it’s in a search and rescue drone, or a hunter killer robot…   Hey, I know you like hearing about the grand... Read more
Experts: AI ‘will beat humans in all tasks by 2060, and take all jobs by 2140’
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The debates about the impact of AI on humanity and civilisation will rage on for decades to come, if not centuries, but there is a broad consensus that our world will change significantly as a result of it in the next fifty years  ... Read more
NASA 4D prints new materials and mulls printing self-assembling space stations
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Transporting equipment into space is very, very expensive so NASA has turned to 4D printing to help it create new materials and types of space craft   Space is a harsh unforgiving environment and just getting into orbit is still, despite Elon Musk and... Read more
Brain controlled Virtual Reality comes to the HTC Vive
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF It’s almost fated that one day we’ll be able to interface and engage with new virtual reality worlds without the need for cumbersome tech but until that time arrives we’ve got the next best thing – Brain controlled VR   It was inevitable that... Read more
Scientists have built the world’s first biological ‘teleporter’
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF We have reached the point where we can digitise life itself, albeit at a micro scale, and that opens up a whole host of new opportunities, from being able to create bespoke synthetic organisms to teleporting life across the universe   The chance of... Read more
Hyperloop One’s pod hits 192mph in first real world test
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In 2013 the Hyperloop was just a concept, and now it’s being tested in Nevada, and it won’t be long before we can travel in one   The Hyperloop, a futuristic Mach 1.0 “train in a tube” concept, that was first touted by Elon... Read more
This new test will tell us if AI has become self-aware and gained consciousness
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF The proof that we are turning science fiction into science fact every day is all around us, so we should conclude that one day AI will become conscious and self-aware, and now we can test for it   A few weeks ago Facebook unveiled... Read more
Nike unveils its futuristic running track
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Anything that makes exercise more entertaining and engaging has to be applauded, and nike’s latest innovation is a great example of fun and function   Nike has constructed a pop-up arena track in the middle of Manila that it’s calling the “world’s first LED running track,”... Read more
Stanford just built the world’s first Flash Organisation
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF With fully automated, and crowdsourced organisations already here the only type of organisation that noone seems to have been able to create yet is a Flash Organisation, but that could soon change   We’ve all heard about the rise of Distributed Autonomous Organisations (DAO), that... Read more
HPC and Quantum Computing experts partner to create the first Exascale applications
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF ORNL and D-Wave hope that by combining their expertise in HPC and Quantum computing they can make Exascale computing a reality sooner rather than later   Just a couple of months after the US Department of Energy (DoE)  announced their partnership with HPE and their... Read more
Automated trading algorithms accidentally wiped $22Bn off Facebooks share price
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Algorithmic traders use automation to their advantage to try to beat the market, but when data goes bad the shockwaves can reverberate across Wall Street and the global markets   Facebook’s stock suffered a dramatic flash crash yesterday seconds after it released its second... Read more
Scientists found a way to selectively erase memories forever
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Imagine being able to forget memories at the flick of a switch, and now imagine the impact that would have on your life, good or bad. As scientists unravel the mysteries of the brain one day this will become science fact.   One thing... Read more
MIT tests the future of cybersecurity, pits AI’s against AI’s
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF In the future cybersecurity will be almost fully automated using AI, and many say we’ve already entered into a new AI fuelled digital arms race   Hot on the heels of DARPA’s Capture the Flag cybersecurity competition that they held last year, where thirteen... Read more
Facebook creates a new intelligence test to test how smart AI’s really are
WHY THIS MATTERS IN BRIEF Today we only have one yard stick to measure how intelligent an AI really is, and it’s out dated, so Facebook has created a new one fit for the modern age   One of the greatest common misconceptions about many of today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI)... Read more
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